NaturVision Aarauer Naturfilmtage

Die NaturVision Aarauer Naturfilmtage fanden online vom 16. - 17. Januar 2021 statt.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Zuschauern für eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung und ein tolles Wochenende voller Highlights aus dem letzten Jahr.

Wir freuen uns Sie nächstes Jahr wieder begrüßen zu dürfen!


66 Meter

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Very soon, this will be a disaster for small island nations, but also for countries on the mainland.

Germany 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Environment #Future Solutions #Nature #Nominated

Anna und der wilde Wald

Wildlife reporter Anna goes in search of wolves in Germany’s Bavarian Forest. There she meets conservationist Woife, who takes her on an exciting adventure in the wild woods.

Germany 2019 – 60 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature #Nominated

Aus Liebe zum Überleben

Portraits of eight people who have turned to a form of agriculture that works without poisons and without destroying soil fertility.

Germany 2019 – 84 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nature #Nominated #People

Be Wild – Die Normalität ist radikal

A young film team take to their bikes to meet a variety of climate activists, and ask whose responsibility it is to try and avert the climate disaster.

Germany 2019 – 46 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nature

Das Lied der Gibbons

Documentary about the life and reproductive behaviour of gibbons, the smallest of the great apes.

Austria 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nominated

Der Paraná – Ein Fluss wie das Meer: Vom Ursprung durch Brasilien

This film follows the Paraná river 800 km from its source in Brazil to Paraguay, and introduces us to people who are determined to rescue this endangered ecosystem.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German


Der stumme Sommer – Warum sterben die Insekten?

This fascinating documentary attempts to discover why so many insects are dying, investigating with the help of scientists, farmers and politicians.

Germany 2019 – 44 min – Language: German


Der Wald hinter den Bäumen

There is a lot more to the forest than just the trees. Woodland is full of life, with so much to discover and so much than needs protecting.

Belgium, Germany 2019 – 15 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature #Short Film

Die Rückkehr der Biber – Wilde Baumeister

This documentary tells the fascinating and curious story of the return of beavers to Europe, with unique images and never-before-filmed behaviours.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie

Die verrückte Welt der Hörnchen

They’re cute and popular: This film tells fascinating and entertaining stories from the world of squirrels.

Germany 2019 – 50 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie #Nominated

Die Wälder des Nordens

This film examines how boreal forest consistently regenerates after periodically burning down, and looks at its significance for people and wildlife.

Canada 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated

Evolution im Großstadtdschungel

In our cities, of all places, animals and plants adapt especially quickly to new living conditions. Will our urban jungles soon give birth to new species?

Germany 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Animal #Future Solutions

Hambi – Der Kampf um den Hambacher Wald

Documentary about the unyielding environmental activists determined to save the last remains of Germany’s Hambach Forest.

Germany 2019 – 84 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Environment #Nature

Hannes Jaenicke: Im Einsatz für Vögel

Actor and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke goes in search of answers to the question why Germany’s native bird population is falling so dramatically.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature

Kann das Elektroauto die Umwelt retten?

Electric cars are lauded as emission-free and supposed to help support the fight against climate change. But can e-cars really save the environment and climate?

Germany 2019 – 45 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions

Mt. Suswa – Im Herzen des Vulkans

The African shield volcano Mount Suswa in the Rift Valley is a mysterious and as yet hardly explored region of the planet with enormous biodiversity.

Germany 2019 – 51 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature

Rettet die Insekten

In many regions, the number of insects has declined by a whopping 75% in the last few decades. How has this happened and what must we do to save them?

Germany 2019 – 44 min – Language: German

#Animal #Future Solutions #Nature

The Beauty

This short film is a poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world in which plastic and nature become one.

VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele / Animation: Noel Winzen, Pascal Schelbli

Germany 2019 – 4 min – Language: English – Subtitle: German

#Animal #Nature #Nominated #Short Film

Wölfe und Herdenschutzhunde – Ungleiche Brüder

This film explains the central role that livestock guardian dog and wolf – two dissimilar brothers – play in nature protection with their contrary lives and positions.

Germany 2020 – 44 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie