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66 Meter

The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Very soon, this will be a disaster for small island nations, but also for countries on the mainland.

Germany 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Environment #Future Solutions #Nature #Nominated

Amazoniens fliegende Flüsse – Ohne Wald kein Wasser

The Amazon rainforest acts as a climate control system for the planet. What happens as more and more forest disappears, and what can help to preserve it?

Germany 2018 – 25 min – Language: German, English, Portuguese – Subtitle: German

#Nature #Nominated #Short Film

Anders Essen: Das Experiment

Three families experiment on themselves: Can you actively change land use and your carbon footprint by changing the way you eat?

Austria 2020 – 84 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nominated

Anna und der wilde Wald

Wildlife reporter Anna goes in search of wolves in Germany’s Bavarian Forest. There she meets conservationist Woife, who takes her on an exciting adventure in the wild woods.

Germany 2019 – 60 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature #Nominated

Aus Liebe zum Überleben

Portraits of eight people who have turned to a form of agriculture that works without poisons and without destroying soil fertility.

Germany 2019 – 84 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nature #Nominated #People

Bamboo Stories

A nuanced film about bamboo, the building material of the poor. It focuses on the raftsmen who have the heavy work of transporting the bamboo 300 km by river.

Germany 2019 – 96 min – Language: Bengali – Subtitle: German

#Nature #Nominated #People

Be Wild – Die Normalität ist radikal

A young film team take to their bikes to meet a variety of climate activists, and ask whose responsibility it is to try and avert the climate disaster.

Germany 2019 – 46 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nature

Blown Away – Music, Miles and Magic

An authentic and inspiring film about the musical adventures of two friends who travel the world by bus and boat with almost no money.

Germany 2019 – 119 min – Language: German

#Nature #People

Corazón Del Mundo (The Heart Of The World)

This short film is an important message from the Columbian tribal elder Mamo Rumaldo Lozano Gil, addressing the roots of the climate crisis and inviting us to look after nature

Colombia 2019 – 15 min – Language: Kaggaba – Subtitle: English

#Nature #Nominated #People #Short Film

Das Forum

A film about the 81-year-old founder of the controversial World Economic Forum and his efforts to improve the state of the world.

Germany 2019 – 116 min – Language: German

#Environment #Future Solutions #Nominated #People

Das Jenke Experiment – Das Plastik in mir: Wie der Müll uns krank macht

Documentary about a self-experiment on the effects of plastic in the body, but also on the damage it causes to flora and fauna.

Germany 2019 – 89 min – Language: German

#Environment #Future Solutions #Nominated

Das Lied der Gibbons

Documentary about the life and reproductive behaviour of gibbons, the smallest of the great apes.

Austria 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nominated

Der Bär in mir

Together with bear researcher David Bittner, filmmaker Roman Droux immerses himself in the world of wild grizzlies. A film of breathtaking wildlife images.

Switzerland 2019 – 91 min – Language: German, English – Subtitle: English

#Animal #Nominated

Der lebendige Wald

A four-minute experimental film by three film students that illustrates different perceptions of the forest.

Germany 2020 – 4 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated #Short Film

Der Paraná – Ein Fluss wie das Meer: Vom Ursprung durch Brasilien

This film follows the Paraná river 800 km from its source in Brazil to Paraguay, and introduces us to people who are determined to rescue this endangered ecosystem.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German


Der stumme Sommer – Warum sterben die Insekten?

This fascinating documentary attempts to discover why so many insects are dying, investigating with the help of scientists, farmers and politicians.

Germany 2019 – 44 min – Language: German


Der Tod der Fichte

This film explains the environmental influences that trees have been and are exposed to over time, using the spruce forests in the former East Germany as an example.

Germany 2017 – 30 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated #Short Film

Der Wald hinter den Bäumen

There is a lot more to the forest than just the trees. Woodland is full of life, with so much to discover and so much than needs protecting.

Belgium, Germany 2019 – 15 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature #Short Film

Die Rückkehr der Biber – Wilde Baumeister

This documentary tells the fascinating and curious story of the return of beavers to Europe, with unique images and never-before-filmed behaviours.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie

Die Sendung mit der Maus: Haselnussbohrer

This children’s film asks where the tiny holes often found in hazelnuts could be coming from …

Germany 2019 – 7 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie #Nominated

Die Sendung mit der Maus: Urban Gardening

This children’s film asks exactly how urban gardening works.

Germany 2019 – 7 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature

Die Sendung mit der Maus: Warum fällen Biber Bäume?

This film observes the extraordinary life of beavers in and around the pools they create.

Germany 2019 – 8 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie #Nominated

Die verrückte Welt der Hörnchen

They’re cute and popular: This film tells fascinating and entertaining stories from the world of squirrels.

Germany 2019 – 50 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie #Nominated

Die Wälder des Nordens

This film examines how boreal forest consistently regenerates after periodically burning down, and looks at its significance for people and wildlife.

Canada 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated

Dirty Games – Das Geschäft mit dem Sport

Investigative film about the dark deeds in the multi-billion business of elite global sports.

Germany 2016 – 41 min – Language: German

Erlebnis Hessen: Der Traum vom Biodorf

Small organic farms are still fighting for survival. Is community-supported agriculture a solution that also offers a sustainable future?

Germany 2019 – 45 min – Language: German

#Environment #Future Solutions

Evolution im Großstadtdschungel

In our cities, of all places, animals and plants adapt especially quickly to new living conditions. Will our urban jungles soon give birth to new species?

Germany 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Animal #Future Solutions

Exploring Hans Hass

Never-before-seen footage of Austrian marine biologist Hans Hass is interwoven with the memories of his companions to provide a fascinating portrait of a pioneering celebrity.

Austria 2019 – 102 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Nominated #People

For Forest - der Kunstwald im Stadion

Documentary about the art project "For Forest" in the Wörthersee stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Austria 2019 – 29 min – Language: German


Forst Först

Forester Hubert Stehle will soon be retiring, bringing to an end a 300-year-long family tradition. A film about home and a portrait of a couple caught between holding on and letting go.

Germany 2019 – 26 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Nature #Nominated #People #Short Film


On the Salvation Islands, flora and fauna are slowly erasing the traces of one of the toughest penal colonies in French Guiana.

France 2020 – 6 min – Language: no dialog – Subtitle: English

#Animal #Nominated #Short Film

Geheimes Katar – Ein Emirat auf WM-Kurs

A critical look at Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 football World Cup.

Germany 2018 – 44 min – Language: German

Grüne Oasen in der Stadt

In Germany, urban gardening has long been a trend in Berlin, but now it has taken root in the southwest of the country as well.

Germany 2020 – 44 min – Language: German



This film reveals myths and natural phenomena surrounding the turtle and shows forcible encroachments on the life of the reptile.

Germany 2019 – 19 min – Language: Korean – Subtitle: English


Hambi – Der Kampf um den Hambacher Wald

Documentary about the unyielding environmental activists determined to save the last remains of Germany’s Hambach Forest.

Germany 2019 – 84 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Environment #Nature

Hannes Jaenicke: Im Einsatz für Vögel

Actor and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke goes in search of answers to the question why Germany’s native bird population is falling so dramatically.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature

Im Reich der Wolga – Ein Strom wird zum Meer

The Volga is Russia’s natural lifeline. The largest river in Europe, it flows into its own enormous lake – the Caspian Sea.

Germany 2019 – 43 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature #Nominated

Kanadas Nationalparks: Wapusk Nationalpark

Nowhere is home to so many polar bears as Canada’s Wapusk National Park, which visitors are not allowed to enter without a guide, due to its sensitive ecosystem.

Germany 2019 – 52 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature #Nominated

Kann das Elektroauto die Umwelt retten?

Electric cars are lauded as emission-free and supposed to help support the fight against climate change. But can e-cars really save the environment and climate?

Germany 2019 – 45 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions

La face cachée du cacao

In 2001 the lucrative chocolate industry pledged to end child labour on cacao plantations within the next five years. Has that promise actually been kept?

France 2019 – 56 min – Language: English, French – Subtitle: English

#Nature #Nominated

Libellen – Funkelnde Jäger

This film reveals the surprising abilities of the dragonfly and explains many mysteries of these iridescent insects.

Austria 2019 – 50 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nominated

Life on the Rocks

In the ’60s, a married couple lived on an ancient volcanic island off the east coast of Scotland to study the world’s largest colony of gannets. Since then, there has been a catastrophic loss of global seabird populations.

United Kingdom 2020 – 20 min – Language: English

#Animal #Nominated #People

Monte Alén: The Ancient Forest

A portrait of Monte Alén, one of the most important protected areas of Equatorial Guinea, whose ecological riches it is vital to preserve.

Spain 2019 – 11 min – Language: Spanish; Castilian – Subtitle: English

#Nominated #Short Film

Mt. Suswa – Im Herzen des Vulkans

The African shield volcano Mount Suswa in the Rift Valley is a mysterious and as yet hardly explored region of the planet with enormous biodiversity.

Germany 2019 – 51 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nature

Natur schützen mitten in Europa – Das FFH-Gebiet Kandelwald, Rosskopf und Zartener Becken

A film with unique footage of natural resources and habitats in the southwest German region of Freiburg, and about people who are committed to nature conservation in Europe.

Germany 2019 – 13 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated #People #Short Film

Nowitzki – Der perfekte Wurf

The unique career path of German basketball player and NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.

Germany 2014 – 105 min – Language: German


Painted Ladies

One of nature’s most extraordinary journeys begins with a tiny blue egg. This film takes you on a mysterious journey with the creature inside: through metamorphosis.

United Kingdom 2020 – 10 min – Language: English



Essayistic narrative about a 1793 garden island in Berlin. The film is a composite of precise observations of the peacock and passages of historical literature from the times.

Finland, Netherlands 2020 – 38 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Animal #Nature #Nominated #People


Eccentric sound artist Eirik Havnes is preparing his most ambitious project ever: a symphonic masterpiece with nature as his orchestra.

Norway 2019 – 20 min – Language: Norwegian – Subtitle: English

#Nature #Nominated #People


After a little boy rescues an injured butterfly, the soul of the ethereal creature Psykhe accompanies him for the rest of his life.

Germany 2020 – 12 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated #People

Putins Spiele – Ein Jahr danach

A critical look behind the scenes of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Germany 2015 – 60 min – Language: German


Rame pour ta Planète

Documentary about a group of surfers on the Basque coast, as they demonstrate for changes that will avert the climate emergency.

France 2020 – 52 min – Language: French – Subtitle: English

#Future Solutions

Räuber in Westfalen – Neues Leben in Panzerspuren

For 130 years, large areas of heathland in the west of Germany have been used as a military training area. They are strictly off limits to civilians – leaving nature to develop undisturbed.

Germany 2019 – 45 min – Language: German

#Animal #Nominated

Rettet die Insekten

In many regions, the number of insects has declined by a whopping 75% in the last few decades. How has this happened and what must we do to save them?

Germany 2019 – 44 min – Language: German

#Animal #Future Solutions #Nature

SOS Amazonas – Apokalypse im Regenwald

This film reflects on the ecological and humanitarian disaster of the fires in the Amazon rainforest, and looks into how and why it is happening.

Germany 2019 – 54 min – Language: German

#Nature #Nominated

Stadtoasen – Detroit

How city farms are turning Detroit from the Motor City into an agricultural metropolis.

Germany 2016 – 44 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions

System Error

Critical film about the self-destructive compulsions of the capitalist system.

Deutschland 2018 – 96 min

#Future Solutions #Nominated

The Beauty

This short film is a poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world in which plastic and nature become one.

VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele / Animation: Noel Winzen, Pascal Schelbli

Germany 2019 – 4 min – Language: English – Subtitle: German

#Animal #Nature #Nominated #Short Film

The Common Ground

When deforestation and monocultures lead to landslides and failed crops, a small collective of coffee farmers on Java decide to change their ways.

United Kingdom 2020 – 10 min – Language: English

#Future Solutions #Nature #Nominated

The Flying Gold of Arabuko

The story of a man who has left behind his former life as a poacher and illegal logger to breed butterflies, which he supplies to tropical butterfly houses all over the world.

United Kingdom 2020 – 10 min – Language: Swahili – Subtitle: English

#Nominated #People #Short Film

The Man Who Planted A Forest

In 1979 a young boy began planting one new sapling a day on a barren wasteland in Assam, in order to counter dwindling forest resources. What has become of this project 40 years on?

India 2018 – 6 min – Language: Hindi – Subtitle: English

#Nature #Nominated #People #Short Film


Over the seasons we follow a logger and his horse in the depths of the Ardennes forest, and see him live his passion through the eyes of an odd young girl …

Belgium 2019 – 12 min – Language: French – Subtitle: English

#Nominated #Short Film

Tränen der Olive

This film looks at the secrets of olive oil production and the importance of the oil for human culture and personal happiness.

Germany 2018 – 14 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Nature #People

Vert de Rage Paraguay : les cultures empoisonnés

Documentary about the genetic damage being suffered by children in Paraguay who are exposed to the use of pesticide on soy fields.

France 2019 – 52 min – Language: French, Spanish; Castilian, English – Subtitle: English

#Environment #Nominated

Von Natur aus Freunde

Because people need air, and trees need love.

Germany 2014 – 1 min – Language: no dialog

#Nominated #Short Film

Wanderbaumallee Stuttgart – Ein Baum kommt selten allein

A film about the Wanderbaumallee project: movable trees and seating areas bringing greenery and sociability to public spaces in Stuttgart.

Germany 2019 – 5 min – Language: German

#Kid's Movie #Nature

Wasser ist Zukunft: Die Emscher – Das Wunder im Kohlenpott

Documentary about the renaturalisation of the river Emscher in Germany’s Ruhr region.

Germany 2018 – 52 min – Language: German

#Future Solutions #Nature

Wild Durmitor

Miladin Kasalica is a ranger in Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, who hopes his work will help people appreciate the true beauty of nature.

Montenegro 2019 – 5 min – Language: English – Subtitle: German

#Nature #Nominated #Short Film

Wölfe und Herdenschutzhunde – Ungleiche Brüder

This film explains the central role that livestock guardian dog and wolf – two dissimilar brothers – play in nature protection with their contrary lives and positions.

Germany 2020 – 44 min – Language: German

#Animal #Kid's Movie


An experimental animation using only microscopic images of xylem, one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants.

United Kingdom 2019 – 6 min – Language: no dialog


Zwischen Kohle und Klima – Drei Menschen, eine Geschichte

A portrait of three people for whom the debate around brown coal in Germany affects their personal future – in very different ways.

Germany 2019 – 29 min – Language: German – Subtitle: English

#Environment #Nature #People