You can find frequently asked questions about our online festival here.
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General questions

When is the NaturVision Film Festival 2021?

Where is the NaturVision Film Festival taking place?

Do I have to create an account or register?

Why did my login details from last year noc longer work?

What is Pantaflix?

How does PANTAFLIX use my data?

When can I watch the films?

Which devices can I use to watch the films?

Can I download films?

Why are there watermarks and can I hide them?

Can I watch the films even if I don't live in Germany?

How can I vote for the audience award?

Buying a ticket

How much does a ticket cost at the NaturVision Online Film Festival?

How do I buy a festivalpass (ticket)?

How can I pay for a ticket?

How do I use a free code/ Ticket-ID?


I did not receive a email after purchasing the ticket

Why has my film stopped playing?

The film does not start playing. What can I do?

The video does not run smoothly