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Die Preisträger 2021 stehen fest!

Gewinner des ersten NaturVision Filmpreis UMDENKEN in 2021 ist der Film "Dear Future Children" von Franz Böhm. Das Preisgeld für den Film wird über eine Spendenaktion vom Publikum zusammengetragen. Aktuell sind es etwas über 3000 Euro. (Stand: 15.7.2021) Man kann bei der Spendenaktion noch mitmachen:https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/95848-setze-ein-zeichen-fuer-umdenken-unterstuetze-den-naturvision-filmpreis

Den Sonderpreis 2021 - gestiftet von Hannes Ringlstetter - erhält der Film "Wem gehört mein Dorf" von Christoph Eder.


NaturVision RETHINK Film Award

Climate change, dwindling species diversity, scarce resources … There are plenty of burning issues that call ever louder for a rethink in how we live our lives. For NaturVision it has always been an important goal, through films and inspirational initiatives, to provide impetus for sustainable living – from creative cooking events to reduce food waste, conferences around the theme of “plastic-free”, and workshops for greener cities, all the way through to the 2019 Ludwigsburg Appeal, in which nature filmmakers publicly challenged policymakers to provide “More Space for Nature”.
As films play an important role in conveying the issue of rethinking to a wider public, in making it ‘visible’ and ‘liveable’, we have decided to bring them into the spotlight with a separate film award.


Almost all controversial questions about the future call for a fundamental rethink in politics, human behaviour or society. This award goes to a film that successfully depicts this rethinking process, highlights positive examples and advocates a future that is fit for our grandchildren. Subjects can range from responsible interaction with nature, wildlife and resources, to the relationship of humans to animals, right through to portraits of people who are calling for a rethink and/or living an exemplary life. We also welcome films that treat the theme "Rethink" artistically as a specifically human process.
Films for this category must have been completed after 1 January 2020.


Selection Jury: Tanino Bellanca, Stella Dietrich, Martina Dobrusky, Benjamin Eckert, Andreas Fuchs, Heinz von Matthey, Claudia Schwab, Axel Weiss

Main Jury: Goggo Gensch, Ann-Christin Hornberger, Peter Kuntner, Lena Leohardt, Jens Westphalen, Damaris Wurster, Udo Zimmermann