Die Recyclinglüge

We learn already in childhood that plastic packaging belongs in the yellow bin. Naturally, because that's the only way our waste can be recycled. But what really happens to our plastic waste? With their documentary film, filmmakers Tom Costello and Benedikt Wermter tackle the painful subject of recycling in Germany.

The category "Environment and Sustainability" honours films that advocate a sustainable approach to our environment in a memorable, extraordinary way. Hardly any topic plays a greater role than the pollution of our earth by plastic waste. Here, The Recycling Lie provides a harrowing perspective on something that almost everyone in Germany does every day: separate their waste. The film clarifies common myths about recycling in a very understandable and investigative way through coherent argumentation.

Germany 2022 – 75 min – Directed by: Tom Costello, Benedict Wermter