Bertram Verhaag

Bertram Verhaag has been awarded the 2023 NaturVision Honorary Award for his life's work. The German director and producer has dedicated himself to political, environmental and social issues for around 50 years and is a pioneer in the field of environmental and sustainability film. He is a master at portraying people. Quietly, respectfully and appreciatively, he captures them in their lifeworld and conveys an authentic picture of their socio-political views, their wishes and visions. In this way, he succeeds in making films that convey hope and encourage people to become active themselves. At the same time, they are cinematic highlights that make a deep impression on the viewers' memories with their impressive visual language. and creates stirring documentaries by shining a light on the commitment and courage of individual people.

Laudatio for Bertram Verhaag by his long-time chamber aman Waldemar Hausschild (opens in new window)