Wen dürfen wir essen (Folge Tiere wie wir (3/5)

NaturVision Youth Jury Award

The film "Whom May We Eat" gives a multi-layered insight into the ethical aspects of meat consumption. It is not only about education, but above all about the acceptance of different opinions. No position is condemned. It is not about moral pressure, but about new impulses to change something, about proposals for solutions and alternatives. With animation and interviews, the documentary brings the viewers closer to a complex topic and inspires a general rethink with fresh ideas.

Requested Category of the Jury: Transformation

Who are we allowed to eat? What are meaningful criteria for distinguishing between the different species on our planet? And what does that mean for me and my responsibility? From an unusual perspective, Jannis Funk and Jakob Schmidt ask precisely these questions in their impressive documentary. Fascinating interviews with experts alternate with lovingly staged animations that make the thoroughly demanding content accessible to younger viewers as well.

One of the film's great strengths is that it never becomes one-sided or insistent. It deals curiously and critically with our relationship to animals, but does so without pointing the finger.

Jannis Funk and Jakob Schmidt achieve what all good documentaries do: they make us think and discuss.

Germany 2022 – 32 min – Directed by: Jannis Funk, Jakob Schmidt