International Ocean Film Tour Volume 8

Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Denmark 2022 – 124 min – Language: English, German – Subtiles: German

The best ocean adventures from the big wide world are on their way to the screens!
We bring you true stories straight from inside Greenland's glaciers, from Bangladesh's beaches and the bottom of the Mediterranean. In cooperation with the International Ocean Film Tour, we are showing their Volume 8 programme open air! More information on the IOFT homepage at

COLD WATER THERAPY (Australia, 2020, 16 min., directed by: Remy Brand) Three sun-drenched Australians search for undiscovered surf spots in icy Alaska.

THE DEEP MED (France, 2020, 33 min., directed by: Gil Kebaïli) Laurent Ballesta embarks on a 28-day diving mission to document the fascinating ecosystem at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

STORM RIDE (Germany, 2021, 32 min., directed by: Philipp Grieß) Boris Herrmann sails once around the world - alone and non-stop.

SHOBE SURFS (Canada, 2021, 36 min., directed by: Elizabeth D. Costa) Into the waves, out of poverty: for 13-year-old Shobe from Bangladesh, surfing is more than just a sport.

INTO THE ICE (Denmark, 2022, 7 min., directed by: Lars H. Ostenfeld) Alun Hubbard wants to know how the melting water of our glaciers affects climate models and embarks on a dangerous mission.