Die Rückkehr der Auerochsen

They seem to be at peace with themselves, content and bursting with strength. Their appearance has always made an impression on our spiritual life: the awe-inspiring cave paintings of our ancestors leave us in no doubt about that. The aurochs have a major impact on their habitat, shaping entire landscapes. All this can be wordlessly conveyed by the breathtaking camera work and image composition of this documentary.

The gentle tranquillity in the images, the power conveyed and a masterful play with light are seamless. The images carry us from the big picture to the smallest detail and back again. The camera work and image design shape and carry the film with a congruent and diverse aesthetic, which creates its own narrative level: the images have a profound effect and bring the viewer within touching distance of the aurochs – perhaps as close as they once were to our ancestors.

Austria 2022 – 52 min – Directed by: Michael Schlamberger