Two films with strong visual aesthetics – each with a completely different theme – have particularly inspired the main jury of this year's Short Film Award. To honour both impressive films, the jury has therefore decided to split the 2023 NaturVision Short Film Award.

When microorganisms begin their work on what we carelessly leave lying around, processes take their course that reveal an unexpected beauty, set transformation in motion and thus create something new.

Wrought looks at the subject of decay from a scientific perspective and ultimately explores a great philosophical question: What constitutes the value of things and what is the potential for development in change? The film is aesthetically highly appealing in its colourful splendour and shows in time-lapses the fascinating visuals behind the microbiological processes of change. The poetics of the text and the musical accompaniment round off the film into an almost scientific and equally artistic study that remains in the memory.

Canada 2022 – 19 min – Directed by: Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur