Competition categories and awards

The productions submitted in the categories shown here are reviewed by a selection panel and the best ones are nominated.

The extension of the submission phases for the 2024 competition will be announced here. Films for the NaturVision Short Film Competition 2024 can be submitted until 24th Januar 2024.

NaturVision RETHINK Film Award

Almost all controversial questions about the future call for a fundamental rethink in politics, human behaviour or society. This award goes to a film that successfully depicts this rethinking process, highlights positive examples and advocates a future that is fit for our grandchildren. Subjects can range from responsible interaction with nature, wildlife and resources, to the relationship of humans to animals, right through to portraits of people who are calling for a rethink and/or living an exemplary life. We also welcome films that treat the theme "Rethink" artistically as a specifically human process.

German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award

This award goes to a film that promotes sustainable interaction with our environment in a memorable and outstanding way, and best uses all filmic means to present ecological relationships in a way that is well-informed and easy to understand.

Prize money: € 8.333
Sponsored by Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg

German Wildlife Film Award

This award goes to a film about nature and wildlife themes which, through its narrative style, camerawork and score, constitutes a complete filmic work of art that inspires viewers and raises awareness of nature and/or wildlife.

Prize money: € 8.333
Sponsored by Stadt Ludwigsburg

German Biodiversity Film Award

This award goes to a film that helps to protect biodiversity by highlighting it in the most impressive way, inspiring viewers and making any scientific connections easy to understand.

Worldwide submissions welcome.

Prize money: 8.333 €
Sponsored by HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH

NaturVision Short Film Award

Water & Life

Water is the matrix of life, it is the element we are made of. Water stands for leisure, relaxation, lust for life and health. But it is not an endlessly gushing resource. It is a limited, precious commodity - threatened by waste, pollution, financial interests. It is important to bring this element into people's awareness again and again.
That is why we are looking for films for our short film competition "Water & Life" that inspire enthusiasm for the fascinating element of water, make people aware of the dangers, promote a mindful approach to this precious resource or simply encourage people to save water. Short films from all genres are welcome, from science films to animated films, from commercials to music clips.

Films should not exceed 20 minutes in length.

Our Short Film Competition is open to amateurs and professionals alike aged 18 or over, with films that have been completed since 2012. Entries can be submitted here from now until 24th January 2024.

Prize money: €5,000
Sponsored by AUDI Stiftung für Umwelt

NaturVision Camera Award

This award goes to a production whose camerawork contributes most effectively to the artistic and aesthetic quality of the film. The judges especially look out for a recognisably distinctive hallmark of the camera person.

Unfortunately, there is no prize money available so far. We would be happy about a donation of € 5.000.

NaturVision Film Music Award

This award goes to the film whose specially composed and produced score supports the dramatic and emotional arrangement of the film in the best possible way. Among other things, the judges will be looking for a distinctive artistic expression that goes beyond obvious clichés.

Prize money: € 1.000
Sponsored by Förderverein NaturVision e.V.

NaturVision Children's Jury Award

This award goes to the film that best introduces children to the complex relationship between nature and the environment and raises their awareness of the issues.

Prize money: € 2.000
Sponsored by Wiedeking Stiftung

NaturVision Newcomer Award

This award is aimed at students/trainees in media professions, or graduates/career-changers during their first two productions. The judges will be looking for a coherent overall concept, which already contains distinctive stylistic elements.

Films of any length or genre are considered.

Prize money: € 1.000
Sponsored by Umweltdruckerei

NaturVision Youth Jury Award

A jury of youngsters select their favourite film. It is not possible to apply for this competition category; the youth jury selects its winners on its own. Amongst the jury are youngsters from the Jugendgemeinderat Ludwigsburg, the Jugendinitiative der Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie Baden-Württemberg and the Young Explorers Program.

Prize money: € 2.000
Sponsored by Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg

NaturVision Audience Award

All visitors to the Festival have the opportunity to vote for their favourite film from the competition programme.